Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater
Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater
Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater

"Best in New Independent Music Videos"
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   Welcome to Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater, Greetings to All!

Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater, helping Independent Song Writers, Singers and Musicians showsase their talents. A Forum, a Venue, a Stage from which Performers can broadcast their creative talents and music videos on the Internet.
Absolutely Free Membership !
The Concept that this Webcast theater was conceived with was simply to provide the best New Music that we could find with a Forum, a Venue, a Stage from which to be played on the Internet. We wanted to give ourselves the ability to debut our new tunes -we intend to do that -but more, to make it possible for worthy Players / Songwriters to have one more place to display their creative talents.
With this in mind, we hereby solicit Performance Videos from you, our friends and fellow players and writers -for use in our webcasts -and we hope you will take advantage of this freely given forum. The best Videos we get each week will make the broadcasts -so with that, comes some Rules:
1) Formats for Videos -we prefer your submission be in .FLV format, but some others in common use such as .MP4 will be considered with no guarantees.
2) We prefer Videos; however, if you have quality audio files in .WAV or .MP3 we will post them gladly.
See Blue Stu Herman, Audio Only as an example of how we will present your audio file submissions.
3) Let's keep it musical, so no nudity, although good looking people are allowed and even valued
-but you understand what I mean, right?
          Video and Audio submissions can be Uploaded to our system after Membership Registration.
          Please follow instructions carefully so we know where they came from!
Blue Stu Herman, David Lee Ion, Tat2dAngel
Your hosts on the Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater
   Upcoming Webcast Theater! Stormy Thursday Theme Announcement.

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Contact Us with any questions you may have about submitting your original videos for playtime on this site.
Hours: Stormy Thursday Webcast Theater is open 24/7 Thursday thru Thursday. Closed: Never.
Location: Located Worldwide, Universe.
Phone: The Alaska number is 907-892-7082

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